Virtual Challenge Strava 2024


Is Ghent, Belgium, a bit too far for you? No problem! Marathon Woman invites everyone worldwide, even those who have never run before, to join her project by setting up her own virtual Challenge Strava 2024 community. This way, you can support and encourage Hilde by running:

Wherever you want,
With whomever you want,
Whenever you want (in 2024),
At any pace and distance you prefer!
YOU are our star; step in and become part of her project and our worldwide community. YOU encourage and support your ultra-athlete, Hilde, in her incredible challenge. By joining, YOU can claim up to four beautiful spinning medals as rewards and souvenirs for your personal achievements and your support for the marathon woman community and, of course, Hilde.

How it works

Register and purchase your participation. You will receive an e-mail with an invite to the Marathon Running group.
Download the Strava app on your smartphone (if you don’t have it already) and gain access to the Marathon Woman Running group to join a community of supportive runners worldwide. Your running sessions are tracked with your individual account. It is your personal challenge to earn your medals. However, don’t let this stop you from running together with friends, family, or colleagues throughout 2024. Enjoy!
Oh, very important: Every mile you have run since January 1st, 2024, will count retroactively. So, all your miles in 2024 will be accounted for—maybe you can already claim a medal!

Collecting the Spinning Medals at Different Milestones

Bronze Medal: 26 miles / 42 km
Silver Medal: 310 miles / 500 km
Gold Medal: 620 miles / 1000 km
Platinum Medal: 1240 miles / 2000 km

Congratulations! When you reach a milestone during the year, you can claim your beautiful milestone medal. Perhaps you’ve even surpassed your own expectations with this achievement? That’s fantastic news! We hope it inspires and motivates you to log many more miles. Maybe you’ll inspire others to join, too!

Note: You can collect the medals for free in Ghent, Belgium, or we can arrange for shipment (each medal can be claimed separately). The four medals are included in the Virtual Challenge Strava 2024 package price, excluding shipment, packaging, and tax.

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