2018 - Antwerp Ultra

In April 2018, Hilde makes the transition to ultrarunning: a marathon in the morning, followed by a 10-mile run in the afternoon.

2018 - Belgian Coastline

In May 2018, Hilde takes on the Belgian coastline for the first time. The run spans 74 kilometres along the West Flanders sandy beaches, from De Panne to Knokke.

2021 - Marathon des Sables

A first major dream comes true: Hilde completes the gruelling Marathon des Sables, a six-day stage race in the Moroccan Sahara, where temperatures soar up to 50°C. She covers a total of 250 kilometres in 5 stages, with the longest stage totalling 84 kilometres.

2022 - Spartathlon

In 2022, Hilde became the third Belgian woman ever to complete the mythical Greek Spartathlon. A non-stop race of 246 kilometres that participants must cover in under 36 hours.

2023 - Ultrabalaton and Spartathlon

In May 2023, Hilde finishes 4th out of 32 participating women in the Ultrabalaton, a race of 210 kilometres around the largest lake in central Europe: Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Also this year, Hilde has been selected as the only Belgian woman to participate in the Spartathlon in Greece. In September 2023, she will try to improve her time from 2022.

2023 - Belgian Championchip 100-km race (title + Belgian record!)

In July 2023, Hilde claimed her first Belgian title in the 100-kilometre race in Veldegem (West-Flanders), also setting a Belgian record in her age category.

2024 - Marathon Woman

Running a marathon every day for a year. It may sound like a surreal idea, but that’s exactly what experienced athlete Hilde plans to do. Living by the credo “The body can achieve what the mind can believe“, she aims to demonstrate this through this initiative. On January 1, 2024, she will embark on her biggest physical and mental challenge to date: Marathon Woman.

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