Frequently asked questions


Where does the event take place?
    • The event is located at the Watersportbaan in Ghent. The start and finish are near the Club365 venue.
    • On some days (currently 6 out of 366), Hilde runs at a different location. Always check our website for exact details.
    • On days when Hilde isn’t running at the Watersportbaan, there’s still support for runners and electronic timekeeping available.
When does the event take place?
    • The event runs throughout 2024.
What time should I be there?
    • The exact time Hilde runs is listed on the website. Electronic timekeeping is guaranteed up to one hour later. This duration can be extended if decided.
I've registered but can't make it on the day I've chosen. What should I do?
    • Contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll find a solution. Rescheduling to a later date is definitely possible.

Event Details

What are the different formulas?
    • There are various formulas like 1 Half Marathon, 1 Marathon, EKIDEN – Relay Marathon, 12 Half Marathons, 12 Marathons, etc.
How does the timekeeping work?
    • Timekeeping is managed by our partner, SQM.
    • For the stamp card, there’s no electronic timekeeping.
What's in the goodie bag?
    • The contents of the goodie bag can vary, but it’s always worth it!
Will I get a medal?
    • Yes, every participant receives a medal. For the ‘two before twelve’ runners and the golden runners, there’s an extra medal!

Stamp Card

How does the stamp card work?
  • For every kilometer you run, you get a stamp. A full stamp card equates to completing a full marathon.
  • You can cover these distances however you like (walking/running) and whenever you want in 2024. Stamps can be added at the Van Eyck loft during opening hours. Full stamp cards can also be exchanged there.


Can I order T-shirts now?
  • Yes, you can order one now, and it will be ready for you at the secretary’s office. We can also send it to you, but there will be an additional €5 shipping fee. 
When will I receive my T-shirt?
  • We currently expect the printed T-shirts by mid-November. We’ll keep you updated.


How can I become a sponsor?
  • Contact us through the contact form.
What are the benefits for sponsors?
  • Please refer to our sponsor dossier.
What do I get as a sponsor?
  • Contact us through the contact form.
How can I promote my company during the event?
  • Contact us through the contact form.


What is BIG?
  • BIG (Breast International Group) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating breast cancer research on an international level. BIG brings together experts from various countries to collaboratively conduct clinical trials
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