Stamp Card



The stamp card is intended to encourage participants to run or walk regularly at their own pace and keep track of their performances. A full stamp card corresponds to completing a full marathon.
How it Works:

  • Round around the Watersportbaan: For each round that a participant runs/walks around the Watersportbaan (5 km per round), they receive 5 stamps on the stamp card.
  • It is also possible to complete a walking course in/around the Blaarmeersen, where you also get a stamp on your card per kilometer.
  • You run/walk whenever you want in 2024, stamps can be added during the opening hours of the secretariat.

Full Stamp Card:
A full stamp card corresponds to completing a full marathon (42.195 km).
Once the stamp card is full, the participant receives a medal and a goodie-bag.
Included in the Package:

  • Stamp Card (to be collected at the secretariat)
  • Medal (with a full stamp card)
  • Goodie-bag (with a full stamp card)
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